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Locally owned by the Dwelle family since 1984, Speedy Car Wash has perfected the art of self service car washing. See for yourself how they are changing the local car wash industry with an innovative approach designed to get you the best wash for your money.


1942 W. Walnut Ave.
Visalia CA, 93277


1200 N. Ben Maddox Way,
Visalia CA, 93292


Top Grade Chemistry

Top Grade Chemistry

Not all car washes are created equal. Getting the most out of a self-serve car wash, while looking out for the environment requires expert-level attention to the chemistry and mechanics of the car wash.

The Brains

The Brains

With more than 30 years in the industry, we know a few things that few others will. And we know how to keep our machines running smoothly 24/7.

The Equipment

The Equipment

Speedy Enterprises manages and operates every piece of its car washes. From major equipment installations to the brushes and sprayers, they make sure the tools you need for the wash are ready and at full capacity.


Marc Dwelle started working in the car wash industry at the age of 12. He helped his father Steve transform a rundown and battered lot on Walnut Avenue into a modern four-port self-serve car wash. He had his hands on every aspect of the business from the motors and pumps to the digital boxes and foam brushes.

The location became a staple of the late 80s Mooney Blvd. cruising scene and as the car culture grew, so did the popularity of this newly minted self-serve car wash. Before long, Dwelle says there were lines of cars waiting to put a shine on their car.

The success of the business led to the Dwelle’s building a second car was on Ben Maddox. Before he could even drive, Marc was riding his road bike out to the new car wash lugging change, parts and tools. His hands were dirty and his back was sore, but he saw the possibilities of building a business that would fuel him for years to come.

Now the sole owner of Speedy Enterprises and their two car wash locations, Dwelle has added more than two decades of industry experience and has his fingers on the pulse of everything from the mechanics to the chemistry of what makes a self-serve car wash thrive — even during these dry times.


Marc Dwelle


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